Sessions Plan and Conveners

VIII Hotine-Marussi symposium will feature 8 regular sessions and 1 special session to be held at Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.

Hereafter, all sessions are listed with the related Conveners:

  • Geodetic data analysis - W. Kosek, R. Gross, C. Kreemer

  • Geopotential modeling, boundary value problems and height systems - P. Novák, M. Schmidt, C. Gerlach

  • Atmospheric modeling in geodesy - T. Hobiger, M. Schindelegger

  • Gravity field mapping methodology from GRACE and future gravity missions - M. Weigelt, A. Jäggi

  • Computational geodesy - R. Cunderlík, K. Mikula

  • Theoretical aspects of reference frames - A. Dermanis, T. Van Dam

  • Digital Terrain Modeling, Synthetic Aperture Radar and new sensors: theory and methods - M. Crespi, E. Pottier

  • Inverse modeling, estimation theory - P. Xu

  • Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Special Session: Visit at Villa Farnesina, Keynote talks and Open discussion session - F. Sansò,  R. Barzaghi, N. Sneeuw