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The Area of Geodesy and Geomatics (AGG) is part of the DICEA (Department of Civil, Constructional and Environmental Engineering) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (URS), Rome, Italy.
Topography and Geodesy have an historical tradition in Rome Engineering Faculty since its birth in the XIX century. Some of the most important Italian geodesists, for example Gino Cassinis (who defined the international formula for the ellipsoidal normal gravity in 1930) and Giovanni Boaga (who defined the Italian Cartographic Projection in the 40's of XX century) leaded the Geodesy and Topography Chair during the XX century. In the last decades our Area has undergone an important change due to the development of Space Geodesy and Remote Sensing, with their wide technical applications. Keeping with the times and moving into the future, the former Topography and Geodesy Area changed its name to Geodesy and Geomatics Area.

In last years three main fields of research were developed:

  1. applications of optical and radar (Synthetic Aperture Radar-SAR) High Resolution Satellite Imagery (HRSI) for Digital Surface Models and orthophotos generation (sensor orientation models; matching strategies; DSM generation & validation; imagery orthorectification)

  2. real-time applications of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems: presently GPS and Russian Glonass, in the next future also European Galileo and Chinese Compass/Beidou)(GNSS seismology & tsunami early warning system and structural monitoring; GNSS permanent networks for real-time positioning services; Ionospheric modeling for improving low-cost receiver point positioning)
  3. application of SAR polarimetry to archaeology
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Name Position Phone
Mattia Crespi Full Professor 0039-06-44585097
Elisa Benedetti PhD Student 0039-06-44585066
Mara Branzanti PhD Student 0039-06-44585066
Paola Capaldo PostDoc Researcher 0039-06-44585087
Gabriele Colosimo PostDoc Researcher 0039-06-44585066
Francesca Fratarcangeli PostDoc Researcher 0039-06-44585087
Augusto Mazzoni PostDoc Researcher 0039-06-44585066
Andrea Nascetti PostDoc Researcher 0039-06-44585087
Francesca Pieralice PostDoc Researcher 0039-06-44585087
Jolanda Patruno PhD Student 0039-06-44585096
Nicole Dore PhD Student 0039-06-44585096
Martina Porfiri PhD Student 0039-06-44585087