Thank you very much for the submission of your excellent workshop proposals!!

We are happy to inform you that you participated in raising the quality of this year’s eCAADe Conference edition, since we received 15 very interesting workshop proposal submissions.
Since it is a big number, and according to our present resources we have been forced to make a first selection of 9 proposals, rejecting 6 ones of very good grade.
As long as we have a definitive scenario of registrations, we will check the number of registered participants and finally define the eCAADe 2017 Workshop’s schedule.

We would like to announce that the registration for the eCAADe2017 Conference workshops is now open.
The Workshops will take place on the 18th and 19th of September at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of Sapienza University.
Participants would get the opportunity of hands-on experience and stimulating discussion on the original research and topics presented by the workshop organizers, within a small group a people.

Please, participants should address their workshop participation requests to   or to sending us an email with their names, paper (if any) ID, affiliation and the workshop name that they wish to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you in Rome!

Kind regards,
Armando Trento PhD
eCAADe2017 Organizing Committee

Workshop Definitive time table:

1 Internet of Homes (IoH): Ambient Displays and Wearable Devices for Eco-feedback in Smart Homes
Eiman Elbanhawy
Daniel Gooch
Theodoros Georgiou
– The Open University
Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi
– Cardiff University
September 19th
“1 Day”
(4h + 4 h)
12  max Room: 27
2 CoOptimise – a workshop that explores human and machine’s cooperation in optimisation and design Kristjan Nielsen,
–  Arup Engineering
Mariam Khademi
–  Sapienza University of Rome
September 18th-19th
“2 Days”
2x (4h + 4 h)
10 min – 15 max AULA 27
3 Co-Design using HYVE-3D: Representational Ecosystem and Design Conversations Tomás Dorta
– University of Montreal Beaudry-Marchand
Emmanuel Master
– University of Montreal
September 18th-19th
“2 Days”
2x (4h + 4 h)
5 min –  20 max LAB of Infrastructures
4 Mass customization of 3d wall design in online environment
Bojan Tepavčević
– University of Novi Sad,
September 18th
“1 Day”
(4h + 4 h)
15 max AULA 43
5 LightWIRE_structurally embedded luminescence – LW Aldo Sollazzo
Eugenio Bettucchi
Iacopo Neri
September 18th-19th
“2 Days”
2x (4h + 4 h)
6 Parametric Design of Street Profiles José Nuno Dinis Cabral Beirão
Rui van Zeller de Klerk Mota
– Universidade de Lisboa
September 19th
“Half day”
4 h
25 max Room 29
7 Structuring of Teaching and Learning Situations in Architectural Education Using and Integrating Digital Analysis within Interactive Genetic Algorithms Matthias Kulcke
– Hamburg University of Technology
Wolfgang E. Lorenz
Gabriel Wurzer
– Vienna University of Technology
September 19th
“Half day”
4 h
20 max ROOM Ex-Direttore
8 Autodesk “Dynamo” Colin McCrone
– Autodesk
September 18th-19th
“2 Days”
2x (4h x 4 h)
20 max AULA 26


September 18th Monday September 19th Tuesday
9:00 – 13:00 14:30 – 18:30 9:00 – 13:00 14:30 – 18:30
AULA 27 CoOptimise CoOptimise CoOptimise CoOptimise
LAB of Infrastructures Co-Design HYVE 3D Co-Design HYVE 3D Co-Design HYVE 3D Co-Design HYVE 3D
AULA 43 Wall 4 All Wall 4 All
ROOM Ex-Direttore  –  – ST LS Arch Edu
AULA 26  Autodesk Dynamo Autodesk Dynamo Autodesk Dynamo Autodesk Dynamo

Last edited on 2017/09/18