Sightseeing in Rome

We are pleased to suggest a number of possible sightseeing tours for our guests to do on Saturday or Sunday, 23rd and 24th of September, following the eCAADe conference. As conference participants, you will be entitled to a 10% discount to these tours. Please have a look!

Immersive Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica Tour

Our in-depth Vatican tour will immerse you in the breath-taking art and history of the Sistine Chapel. Marvel at the great works of Michelangelo, getting an up-close look at his most ground-breaking masterpieces. Let our talented guide take you on a journey through the geniuses of the Renaissance who changed the face of Rome five centuries ago. Learn about the treasures of the Art Gallery, a treat most tourists never get to experience. Delve into the Athens School as you wander through the frescoes in Raphael’s Rooms and admire The Transfiguration, the artist’s last work before his untimely death. Skip all the queues and arrive at St. Peter’s Basilica and witness the long history of the Christian faith, be moved by Michelangelo’s Pietà, the works of Bernini and other masterpieces, a unique and enriching experience not to be missed. This tour will last for 5 hours with a break in between. The group size will be a maximum of 13 people. The price for this tour is €79 per adult. To book, please follow the link. To receive a 10% discount, use discount code: througheternity

Rome at Twilight Tour Among the Piazzas and Fountains

This tour will not only be a feast for your senses, but an exquisite Rome experience never to be forgotten. The enchanting Trevi Fountain appears as if by magic, immersed in the labyrinth of cobbled streets in Rome, it is the sound of the cascading water that alerts you to its proximity and discovery. Our expert guide will take you on a fantastic Rome journey, piecing together the intricate history woven into all the beautiful sites of the city, from the Spanish Steps to Piazza Navona and the impressive architecture of the Pantheon. Discover the transformation of Campo dei Fiori and the Renaissance elegance of Piazza Farnese, all basking in the enchanting colours of a Roman sunset.This tour lasts for 2.5 hours and the total cost is €39 per adult. To book, please follow this link. To receive a 10% discount, use discount code: througheternity

Exclusive Nero’s Golden House with 3D Augmented Reality

We offer two precious gems in this experience: an incredible exploration of the colossal spaces of Emperor Nero’s villa, the famous Domus Aurea (The Golden House), recently reopened to the public in a remarkable state of conservation; a virtual 3D animation enabling the chance to relive the splendour of the rooms, gardens and incredible porticos. Read more on our blog: Nero’s House of Gold and his eccentric life. This amazing 2 hour tour is just €49 per adult and includes the tickets to the Domus Aurea and the 3D virtual Animation. To book, please follow the link. To receive a 10% discount, use discount code: througheternity

Roman Forum Night Tour & J. Caesar’s Death: Outstanding experience

This tour includes a vast array of treasures: the Via Sacra, the Senate, the stunning columns of the Temple of Saturn, the Giulia Basilica, the Temple at Divus Julius and the Church of Santa Maria Antiqua, closed by day, it is a medieval jewel embedded in structures of Imperial Rome. What makes this tour so unique is the addition of cinematic lighting on the ruins, enhancing the intrigue and beauty already present during the day, delivering an unparalleled experience. After the Roman Forum, you will continue your night visit of Rome through the Julius Caesar Forum where our expert guide will discuss the rise of power and the political strategies of Julius Caesar. Having reached the adjoining Capitoline Hill, magnificently redesigned by Michelangelo with its splendid architecture, you will end the tour at Piazza Largo Torre Argentina, known for its striking temples. A few meters away, lie the only visible ruins of the Curia of Pompey, where in 44 AD the tragic death of Julius Caesar occurred. The tour will lasts for 2.5 hours and the price for this group tour is €49 per adult and includes entry tickets to the Colosseum and it’s Underground area. To book, please follow the link. To receive a 10% discount, use discount code: througheternity

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