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Cognitive Design Computing

John S. Gero

John Gero is a Research Professor in Computer Science and Architecture at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and a Research Professor at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason University. He is the author or editor of 50 books and over 650 papers and book chapters in the fields of design science, design computing, artificial intelligence, computer-aided design, design cognition and cognitive science. He has been a Visiting Professor of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Design and Computation or Mechanical Engineering at MIT, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia and CMU in the USA, at Strathclyde and Loughborough in the UK, at INSA-Lyon and Provence in France and at EPFL in Switzerland. Professor Gero is an international consultant in the field of design research.


Gianluca Peluffo

Architect, founder of the 5+1AA studio in 1995, deals with the theme of contemporaneity in the relationship between city, territory and architecture, as the realization of reality. The transformation of reality is, therefore, the cornerstone of an idea of architecture as a body and enigma, which is both realistic and emotional, pragmatic and sensual, shared and capable of creating amazement as a mechanism of knowledge. The main research line developed during the years of scientific and didactic activity is linked to the central issue of the architecture project as a tool capable of triggering dynamics of the transformation of the space of the city and the territory.
In this line of research, the architecture project is intended as an element of putting in shape and perception Reality and the Context, meaning the Context as a complex and variable set of real and imaginary city and territory. In this sense, the project must be interpreted as a narrative-perceptual process, that is, as a physical, visual and mental sequence of putting in shape and perception Reality and the Context. In 2003 he was awarded the Benemerito Title of the School of Culture and Art of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.
In 2005 Silver Lion of the Venice Biennale for the New Palace of Cinema. In 1997 he won the Ph.D. grant in “Theories and Techniques of Architectural Design” at the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa, with a thesis entitled “Beautiful and useful, a superfluous opposition, public elegance and private comfort in the urban residence”.
In 2001 he will discuss the Ph.D. thesis with Professor Pasquale Culotta and Prof. Paolo Portoghesi. Research grant for the Academic Year 2004-2005 at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa, Diparc, on the theme “Replacement and modification: building infiltration in the present city”. In 2005 he won a competition for the role of Researcher at the DIPARC of the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa. In 2009 he is confirmed as Researcher and assumes the role of a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa.

Gianluca Peluffo

Gernot Riether

Gernot Riether is the Director of the School of Architecture and Associate Professor at the College of Architecture and Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). In his Digital Design Build Studiohe and his students are researching new novel computer controlled fabrication and manufacturing methods. He previously taught at Kennesaw State University, Ball State University, ENSA Paris La Villette, Georgia Tech, NYIT and Barnard College at Columbia University and is lecturing internationally.  His Digital Design Build Studio won competitions such as the design of the AIA Pavilion for the American Institute of Architects in New Orleans with a hydroponic spherical enclosure made of environmentally friendly polymers. The studio was commissioned for projects such as a public installation for the Nuit Blanche Festival in Paris where he took cues from biology to digitally create a lightweight structural envelope for a pavilion in which interactive art projects were displayed.  Projects from the Digital Design Build Studio were presented at the Centre Pompidou, featured in books on digital design and fabrication and published in prominent publications such as Architectural Record and DETAIL. Riether’s studio has been funded by the AIA, the Austrian government, non-profit organizations such as MainX24, material fabricators, the construction industry and universities. His forthcoming book, Urban Machines, co-authored with architect Marcella Del Signore, explores the relationship between public urban spaces and information technology.

Gernot Riether

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